Below is my experience with having a breech baby and a successful External Cephalic Version (ECV) to turn her and have a vaginal birth:

When I think back on my pregnancy with Persephone, I find that my memories are sufficiently fuzzy and pleasant in nature. However, objectively I know that it was not a walk in the park by any means. I dealt with all the normal things that most women have to deal with, with the added bonus of having Gestational Diabetes (which I go over in detail in another post). But everything else was going along relatively well until I went into my 36 week appointment and my midwife announced that my baby with breech.

Breech. One of the many things that you don’t want to hear a short 4 weeks before your due date. She was head down (with a 85 percentile head) a few short days before during my growth ultrasound. How could this be? SURELY I would have felt that sort of move. While my mind raced trying to process this implication, she asked when I would like to schedule a “version” to turn the baby. I numbly nodded, knowing that I wanted to avoid a C-section at any cost.

The face of a stubborn baby that is about to turn breech.

Natural birth had always been the goal. Gestational diabetes shook that path, but after controlling it with a strict diet I was certain that my birth would not be impacted past extra blood sugar testing before and after labor. But breech? I was devastated. I felt like now my body had truly betrayed me completely. And this time it was going to cost me more than just no ice cream and pricks on my fingers.

Persephone was not frank breech, she was technically oblique, with her head in my ribs and butt sitting on my left hip. Looking back, this was probably very lucky as it meant that neither her butt nor feet were logged in pelvis.

Ok, so moving through my stages of grief. First was denial, then anger, and now bargaining. I was not going to let this baby remain breech dammit. With my ECV scheduled in 10 days I was going to try my hardest to get her turned around.

First, this meant hanging upside down 3 times a day. And no I’m not kidding.

It’s called a breech tilt, and no, it’s not comfortable when you have a stomach the size of a watermelon. Unfortunately, doing these did nothing except making me almost pass out from blood rushes to the head.

The second thing I tried was walking, but it was a little too late as walking a mile or two a day promotes baby to move head down earlier in pregnancy. But at 36 weeks, she was just too big for it to do any good in that regard.

Next, it was time to turn to Chinese medicine. I did acupuncture at least 4 times in those 10 days, but while relaxing, she didn’t turn.

Then I tried moxibustion. This is done by burning two moxi sticks next to your little toes to promote the baby to move. And yes, this is also a thing.

Surprisingly, it made her super active. However, yet again it seemed like it was too little too late, as she was too big to turn herself.

I was ready to give up. My last hope for a vaginal birth was the ECV. There were risks, but I thought that the risks of the ECV were equivalent to needed a C-Section. And at that point I was resigned to having one to avoid disappointment, comforted by the fact that I would have a healthy baby at the end of the day.

As for the actual ECV procedure, I was scheduled to show up at Labor & Delivery at 7 AM that morning after not having eaten for 12 hours. Which is pretty much a nightmare for a pregnant women as well as someone who is supposed to be monitoring their blood sugar. After being admitted I waited for an hour or two in the room while they monitored the baby and waited for the OB to become available. Surprisingly, I was already having small contractions that I couldn’t feel.

Once the OB and her partner where done delivering another baby the nurse gave me terbutaline, which suppresses the contractions while they try and turn the baby. It hit like a rush of adrenaline making me flush and shaky. To my surprise, as the OB was feeling Persephone’s bottom and head to see how easy it was to move her, she just kept turning.

“Are we starting now?”

By the time I asked that question, she was already turned around. Besides a bit of pressure (obviously), I felt almost no pain. The OB was almost as surprised as I was that she was so easy to turn. And after getting her head into a good position and confirming everything with the ultrasound, I was done. My stomach was wrapped in a binder to keep her head down, and I was done.

Relief washed over me, still shaky from the drugs. The ECV was a success, and I would be able to go on and have a vaginal birth.

Read my birth story here.





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Ok, this update is a little late. Almost a month late. What can I say, the holidays are a little crazy when you have two little ones 🙂

Effie Ray, how is it that you are 6 months old already? Half a year gone. Things are going at the speed of light it seems.

You are starting to explore and observe the world around you, vocalizing your glee as well as displeasure.

Delightfully plump, almost 18 pounds, it is impossible to resist your cheeks. How you got so fat without eating anything besides breastmilk is quite the achievement.  At this point you have only had small tastes of butternut squash and banana.

A master of rolling now, you refuse to stay on your back, even though it frustrates you to no end that you cannot crawl after your sister. You can sit with support, but it may be a few more weeks until you no longer need a helping hand.

The awkward bald spots have started to fill in with peach fuzz; dark, but not quite as dark as when you were born. It’s hard to tell what color it will grow in to be. The same can be said of your eyes. Dark, yet a hit of sage green is lurking on the border. Will they turn fully brown or lighten to hazel? Only time will tell.

You refuse to nap anywhere else beside in the carrying pack, nuzzled into daddy’s chest. Everyday I remember that soon you, my last baby, will no longer be a baby anymore. And although that brings a twinge of sadness, I snuggle you in close and enjoy your baby chub while I still can.



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Five years ago (!!) today, Karl proposed to me. So from the archives I’m sharing this post to commemorate the day.

I guess when I think about where my wedding planning adventure started, it all goes back to the proposal.

It was a normal week in November 2011, a couple days before Thanksgiving, when my fiance Karl asked me out on a date night. Who turns down a date night? Especially when it was to one of our favorite Asian fusion restaurants with a great view of the Portland skyline. Departure is a pretty amazing restaurant for both the food, cocktails, and the fact that when you step out of the elevator on the 7th floor that it looks like you are about to go to Space Mountain. One of my not so coordinated moments was running straight into a mirror wall thinking that it was just a continuation of the restaurant. Silly hipster restaurants.


This is what my hunky husband looked like circa 2011 for anyone wondering.

Anyway, we sat down to dinner around 5:30 so there was barely anyone else in the restaurant but we were already starving. We ordered appetizers and stared at each other lovingly with those annoying doe eyes that tend to go away after 6 months of dating. After devouring the edamame, Karl says that he has something to ask me and stands up from his seat. At this point I turned into a mute and dumb person. After getting down on one knee, and after saying whatever he said (I don’t even remember because I was in shock), I manage to ask “ARE U SERIOUS?” like an idiot and then shake my head up and down furiously. The ring went on, tears were shed, and cuddles were had the rest of the dinner at the table.

The proposal was a complete surprise and for that I give Karl mad props. I had always dropped hints that I wouldn’t mind marrying him throughout our 2 year relationship (at that point). And by hint I mean, “You know that if you asked me to marry you I’d say yes right? Ok, just letting you know”. But he would usually clam up and not want to talk about anything that remotely sounded like the word marriage. Little did I know that this was all a rouse to make sure that his proposal was a romantic surprise <3

My ring is a cushion cut blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds with a thin diamond band.

I am so happy to be marrying the love of my life and my soul mate. He is the Finn to my Marcelene and the Han to my Leia. Love you Karl!









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At first I didn’t quite understand YouTube. It seemed like the place on the Internet to go and watch cute cat videos or America’s Funniest Home video style bloopers. But about two years ago, it finally clicked for me and now it is one of the primary ways that I consume media (I was even inspired to create my own channel). The best way to set yourself up to receive a high quality stream of constant content is to subscribe to the best content creators. To get started I’ve put together a list of my top 7 YouTubers(at the moment).

7 || Beauty YouTubers (NikkieTutorials, Zoella, Jeffree Star, Manny MUA)

Whatever your style there is a YouTube make-up guru for you. Together they form part of the heart and soul of the site. It seems crazy to me that there was once a time that you couldn’t reference a vast library of make-up tutorials on YouTube. Those just learning to do make-up have it soo good. I’ve only just now finally learned how to do mine properly thanks to them.


6 || PewDiePie (& Marzia)

If there is an undisputed King of YouTube, it’s PewDiePie. Having the top number of subscribers on the site (over 47 million and counting) is no easy feat. At first he rode the let’s play wave with Happy Wheels and Amnesia. But now that the early days are over, he’s developing a new brand of comedy that is quite entertaining. The steady stream of videos has never stopped as he still uploads one almost ever day. His girlfriend Marzia has her own channel as well that you should hop over to if you like cute Japanese things and pastels.

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34 weeks pregnant at the Rhododendron garden

For those that have experienced relatively normal pregnancies, you understand the monthly appointments always tend to be somewhat anti-climatic. Usually any question results in the answer, “That’s normal… yes, even THAT”. Being on my second pregnancy I went for the 1 hour glucose test without much thought. It was an old hat to me, I’d grimace and chug down the flat lemon-lime glucola, have my blood drawn and life would go on. That was, until I got a call from the nurse.

“Your blood test results were high, you need to come back in for the 3 hour test.”

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Any parent will know going out to eat with young children is only for those who are gluttons for punishment. If you are lucky you can make a reservation, but then you have to remember that this is Portland and brunch is a “thing”. Especially brunch at anywhere besides Shari’s or IHOP. For additional torture, we have decided to go to Screen Door. Yes, the one that always has a line that wraps around the corner. How was this accomplished you ask? Only by showing up before the place has even opened. At 8 AM on a Monday.

We sit down at a spot for 6, something that can only be wish for at any other time. Luckily it is a half booth which is both good and bad news with a toddler. The good news is that you don’t have to deal with a high chair, which for a two year old is like a straight jacket. The bad news is, now the toddler is between you in the booth and has the freedom to grab hold of the butter packets, hot sauce, and slip underneath the table like an eel. At least the baby is asleep and the gap between the table and booth fits the carseat.


The rest of the family arrives, causing obvious angst that can only be alleviated by clinging to one parent or the other, squeezing into your lap and hiding their face. This will happen even if they met them already and played with them the day before. But then, as soon as they realize this can be a source of attention tiny fingers begin to slap and pinch your cheeks, punctuated by demonic giggles.

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September was a month of transitions; Back to work, the start of pre-school, and the first day of fall. The cold nights and crisp mornings are a welcome change, the rain like an old friend to most Portlanders. We are still getting use to the new schedule however.

The artiste at work
Happy that Fall is finally here.
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