We have successfully made it to the end of the so-called “fourth trimester”! To celebrate this milestone I thought I’d share Persephone’s birth story in video form. I debated whether or not to share, but birth is just such a major life moment that I decided that it was something I would be open about. Don’t worry, there isn’t any graphic content, only love 🙂

My Birth Story

Early labor started Sunday with noticeable contractions 3-5 minutes apart until 11 am when they stalled out. I had been having cramps on and off for the last four days but this time it was actually painful. After a nap I started losing my mucus plug and knew that these contractions were not false, just the early start. Walked a few miles after dinner and tried to settle in for the night as best we could, knowing I had an appointment with my midwife in the morning.

At around 12 AM contractions started again, this time more painful. Within an hour they were down to every 5 minutes lasting for a minute. Time to call L&D! We were still worried that it was too early and we were hoping to not get sent home. But after a few minutes I knew the pain was at same level as last time and it was go time. Once we made it to the hospital, they confirmed the contractions and checked me. 4 cm! Way more progressed than my last OB appointment when I was only a fingertip. I was told that I would be leaving with a baby 🙂

We got into our room around 2 AM and set up for labor. Contractions were getting more painful so I was able to get in the tub to try to start to cope using natural methods (aka my zombie zen mode that seems to work well). Mom and Mac showed up sometime later just before a got out to move back to my room. We got back to the room around 5 AM and I labored for a while and they checked me at 6 AM. 6 cm! Making progress although laboring naturally was very painful. But it was nothing I didn’t remember from the first time. The nurses even joked that I should teach some of the other ladies on the floor.

By 8 AM I had made it to 8 cm. Transition is no joke! Unfortunately baby was in a poor position (head sideways instead of posterior) so I wasn’t progressing past 8 1/2 cm. They broke my water to try to help dilation but 3 hours later and still at an 8! I was really tired, throwing up from the pains, and not able to relax through them anymore so knowing myself and what I needed, I decided to get an epidural. I could tell at that point that I wasn’t able to relax enough through the pain in order to dilate.

By 11 AM the epidural was placed and I felt a million times better. It was definitely the right decision because I was able to relax, baby turned all by herself, and I was complete and ready to push at 12 PM! I started to push and let me tell you, pushing with an epidural is like night and day compared to un-medicated. A few pushes later she came out to greet us.

At 12:29 PM, Persephone Ray entered the world! She weighted 8 lbs 9 oz, 19 1/2 inches, with a 14 inch head. We were so in love <3

Growing Fast!

There is something strange that happens when you are a parent. You take way too may pictures of your new little one and perhaps overshare, but then a year later you look back and marvel at how small they were and wonder why you did not take more. It’s amazing to watch them grow week by week. These may look familiar if you follow my instagram, but I’d like to share just how much our little Effie has grown:

img_6076 img_6210 img_6303 img_6515 img_6551 img_6688 img_6592
img_6729 img_6863 img_7162



Happy 12 weeks Effie Ray!

Mommy, Daddy, & Andromeda love you so.








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