Five years ago (!!) today, Karl proposed to me. So from the archives I’m sharing this post to commemorate the day.

I guess when I think about where my wedding planning adventure started, it all goes back to the proposal.

It was a normal week in November 2011, a couple days before Thanksgiving, when my fiance Karl asked me out on a date night. Who turns down a date night? Especially when it was to one of our favorite Asian fusion restaurants with a great view of the Portland skyline. Departure is a pretty amazing restaurant for both the food, cocktails, and the fact that when you step out of the elevator on the 7th floor that it looks like you are about to go to Space Mountain. One of my not so coordinated moments was running straight into a mirror wall thinking that it was just a continuation of the restaurant. Silly hipster restaurants.


This is what my hunky husband looked like circa 2011 for anyone wondering.

Anyway, we sat down to dinner around 5:30 so there was barely anyone else in the restaurant but we were already starving. We ordered appetizers and stared at each other lovingly with those annoying doe eyes that tend to go away after 6 months of dating. After devouring the edamame, Karl says that he has something to ask me and stands up from his seat. At this point I turned into a mute and dumb person. After getting down on one knee, and after saying whatever he said (I don’t even remember because I was in shock), I manage to ask “ARE U SERIOUS?” like an idiot and then shake my head up and down furiously. The ring went on, tears were shed, and cuddles were had the rest of the dinner at the table.

The proposal was a complete surprise and for that I give Karl mad props. I had always dropped hints that I wouldn’t mind marrying him throughout our 2 year relationship (at that point). And by hint I mean, “You know that if you asked me to marry you I’d say yes right? Ok, just letting you know”. But he would usually clam up and not want to talk about anything that remotely sounded like the word marriage. Little did I know that this was all a rouse to make sure that his proposal was a romantic surprise <3

My ring is a cushion cut blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds with a thin diamond band.

I am so happy to be marrying the love of my life and my soul mate. He is the Finn to my Marcelene and the Han to my Leia. Love you Karl!









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  1. So romantic! I loved reading about what happened!! The world needs more True Love stories like that! Thanks for sharing’

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