It all started with an early birthday present. My dad had discovered our old brio train set and brought it over so that it could continue its life as a toy and 2nd birthday present for Andromeda. Eternally grateful for not having the expense of amassing such a collection myself, we happily showed her the ropes of building winding routes with the wooden train tracks. Little did we know that her attentions would be so heavily focused on just one train.



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Today I thought I’d share the details from Andy’s 2nd birthday party (I can’t believe she is two already!!) as at the time I was too busy and exhausted from being 37 weeks pregnant. You can find a video compilation of the day at the end of this post!

Decoration in the entry way, bamboo curtesy of Papa and art done by Dad.

My mother-in-law graciously offered to host which was FANTASTIC, one because I was SO pregnant that I couldn’t handle hosting 20 people at my house, and two because their house is great for hosting.

The set up.

If anyone has never seen “My Neighbor Totoro” I highly suggest it! It is a fantastic introduction to Japanese animation and a great kids movie. Since we are such Totoro fans, or as Andy calls him “TOTO!”, it was easy to piece together most of the decor from plushies that we already owned from various comic conventions, etc. For everything else, we went for a general woodland theme with burlap and moss from the local forest trail.

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