Ok, this update is a little late. Almost a month late. What can I say, the holidays are a little crazy when you have two little ones πŸ™‚

Effie Ray, how is it that you are 6 months old already? Half a year gone. Things are going at the speed of light it seems.

You are starting to explore and observe the world around you, vocalizing your glee as well as displeasure.

Delightfully plump, almost 18 pounds, it is impossible to resist your cheeks. How you got so fat without eating anything besides breastmilk is quite the achievement. Β At this point you have only had small tastes of butternut squash and banana.

A master of rolling now, you refuse to stay on your back, even though it frustrates you to no end that you cannot crawl after your sister. You can sit with support, but it may be a few more weeks until you no longer need a helping hand.

The awkward bald spots have started to fill in with peach fuzz; dark, but not quite as dark as when you were born. It’s hard to tell what color it will grow in to be. The same can be said of your eyes. Dark, yet a hit of sage green is lurking on the border. Will they turn fully brown or lighten to hazel? Only time will tell.

You refuse to nap anywhere else beside in the carrying pack, nuzzled into daddy’s chest. Everyday I remember that soon you, my last baby, will no longer be a baby anymore. And although that brings a twinge of sadness, I snuggle you in close and enjoy your baby chub while I still can.



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We have successfully made it to the end of the so-called “fourth trimester”! To celebrate this milestone I thought I’d share Persephone’s birth story in video form. I debated whether or not to share, but birth is just such a major life moment that I decided that it was something I would be open about. Don’t worry, there isn’t any graphic content, only love πŸ™‚

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