At first I didn’t quite understand YouTube. It seemed like the place on the Internet to go and watch cute cat videos or America’s Funniest Home video style bloopers. But about two years ago, it finally clicked for me and now it is one of the primary ways that I consume media (I was even inspired to create my own channel). The best way to set yourself up to receive a high quality stream of constant content is to subscribe to the best content creators. To get started I’ve put together a list of my top 7 YouTubers(at the moment).

7 || Beauty YouTubers (NikkieTutorials, Zoella, Jeffree Star, Manny MUA)

Whatever your style there is a YouTube make-up guru for you. Together they form part of the heart and soul of the site. It seems crazy to me that there was once a time that you couldn’t reference a vast library of make-up tutorials on YouTube. Those just learning to do make-up have it soo good. I’ve only just now finally learned how to do mine properly thanks to them.


6 || PewDiePie (& Marzia)

If there is an undisputed King of YouTube, it’s PewDiePie. Having the top number of subscribers on the site (over 47 million and counting) is no easy feat. At first he rode the let’s play wave with Happy Wheels and Amnesia. But now that the early days are over, he’s developing a new brand of comedy that is quite entertaining. The steady stream of videos has never stopped as he still uploads one almost ever day. His girlfriend Marzia has her own channel as well that you should hop over to if you like cute Japanese things and pastels.

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As a working mom, I almost never have much (if any) time to get ready in the morning. Between breakfast, packing lunch, getting a toddler dressed I’m happy if I can get a brush through my hair. However, I’ve found some beauty products that I just can’t live without:

7 || Beauty Blender

Not really a product per say, more like the best beauty tool ever. Trust me you need this in your life. I’m not the most talented with makeup so I always just used my fingers to apply foundation (which is horrible, I know), but after I started using a beauty blender my make-up life seriously changed. If I could only have one tool in the whole world to apply my make-up it would be this. Sure, you could probably save money by using a different sponge or off brand, but trust me, it will more than pay for itself.

The Original BeautyBlender – $20

6 || Concealer

This is a necessity for covering those under eye-circles after 3 A.M. wake-ups. You can make your look go from living dead to only slightly haggard. I’ve really enjoyed this Ultra HD concealer from Make Up For Ever, it blends well and doesn’t feel heavy while giving great coverage. Use your beauty blender to apply flawlessly, but just make sure to get color matched so you don’t look like a raccoon.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer – $27

5 || Tinted Moisturizer

This is another staple for any mom who only has 30 second increments to apply make-up. NARS comes in a shade light enough for my pale self which is sometimes hard to find. I love tinted moisturizer because it is not as heavy as full coverage foundation but smoothes out the redness and offers sun protection. Finger application approved.

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer – $44

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